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« City of Reading Engages the Public  »

The City of Reading, PA has brought on four meeting bodies – City Council, Planning Commission, Historical Architectural Review Board, and Zoning – leveraging the Government Transparency Suite to keep citizens informed through a convenient media portal of public meetings. They also recently received some positive news coverage about this.

A total of 10 city officials are trained on the Granicus system. This is a great example of a city that is planning to maximize their solution through various departments and users. They will be running new AV equipment in conjunction with Granicus, so they had to learn that as well.

As part of the adoption of Granicus, more meetings will be held in their council chambers where the cameras and Granicus are installed. This transition will allow more meetings to be available to the public online! The city also expressed interest in using the system to capture and broadcast press conferences to the web. They are anxious to get this started as a way to engage the public in their latest news.

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