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« New Unified Encoder - More Economical, Same High Performance  »

With the economy in a downturn, many government agencies have reduced budgets so they are seeking technology options that cost them less. Without compromising the quality of our streaming media encoding environment, Granicus has developed a unified encoding appliance for agencies that are cost-conscious. The Unified Encoder comes standard with the Granicus Open Platform.

Our unified appliance combines the power of an encoder with on-premise storage and optimized video streaming for internal audiences. All of this is delivered through a single server – the Dell PowerEdge 410. This means, audiences inside your network can access streams quickly without overloading your bandwidth.

There are several advantages to a unified solution. It combines the best of Granicus’ streaming media technologies into one compact appliance:

  • On-premise storage – Approximately 500 GB of storage provided for storing all media content securely behind your firewalls.
  • Intelligent routing – Delivers streams over the fastest network paths. This ensures you can deliver the best possible viewing experience, with the least impact to your network and internet connection.
  • Managed hardware — Hardware is owned, supported, and managed by Granicus to help reduce burden and cost for you. Leasing hardware, known as hardware as a service (HaaS), minimizes burden and cost for government agencies.
  • Bandwidth usage — Optimize internal bandwidth by pulling streams from the unified encoder directly. Up to 50 concurrent viewers can view the live stream internally.
  • Scalable – This encoder can easily scale to support other features of the Granicus cloud computing product suites. It’s a great entry point for governments looking to start quickly and scale as their needs grow.

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