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Canadian District Finds Success in Open Government Tech

The District of North Saanich has built more trust with their community by providing transparency in a way that makes sense to most people in this digital age: through their mobile devices. While the district previously had recordings of their meetings available on audio tapes (what are those?), residents would have to go to city hall to request to listen to the tape there. Today, North Saanich residents have access to all meetings, agendas, and minutes right from the comfort of their own home. 

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Top Two Ways to Make Federal Advisory Committee Meetings More Open and Efficient 

Michael is the Federal Meeting Services representative for Granicus. He has over 10 years of experience in information technology. Prior to Granicus, Mike worked at Vocus, Inc., a leading provider in Public and Government Relations Software for large businesses, government, and international organizations as an Account Executive.

Empowering people with access to information is a critical part of democracy. It builds trust and can foster greater understanding and engagement in government policies and decision-making. Nowadays, using technology to open government is a hot topic trending on twitter every day. For federal government, in particular, public scrutiny levels are high. So how can you prepare yourself to make public access easier and more cost-efficient? Today I’ll be covering two essential tips.

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Coral Gables City Council Launches Legislative System for Increased Transparency

The City of Coral Gables, Florida recently went live with a new agenda management solution provided by Granicus to heighten government transparency and efficiency by automating their entire legislative workflow including agenda creation, approvals, minutes creation, and historical tracking for legislation. I recently sat down with Walter Foeman, City Clerk, to ask him about the driving factors in purchasing this solution. I thought his responses could help other cities and towns.

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Tips for Clerk Success: Day 2 Recap from IIMC

Day 2 of IIMC is coming to a close, over 700 IIMC delegates are here from across the globe—from California, to Rhode Island, British Columbia, Scotland, and even Israel. Today was jam packed with advanced sessions, a leadership orientation, and pretty soon we’ll be starting the President’s Opening Reception where Granicus will be unveiling a new product that’s going to help City Clerks automate their entire legislative workflow from start to finish.

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How to Publish Granicus Videos to your Website 

Are you looking for a way to distribute your videos across multiple pages on your website, beyond just the archive library you’ve created with Granicus? This is actually proven to be one of the top ways to attract more visitors to your content—we discussed this in a recent webinar, Webinar Highlights: Keys to Success with Government Video.  

This post will show you how to use the Granicus Platform to do this. And, for end-users that just want to share already published government content on their own websites—there’s a tip in here for you too!

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Top 5 Ways to Make Creating Meeting Minutes More Efficient with Granicus

Your email inbox is overflowing, your phone is ringing constantly, and your assistant is on vacation. Requests are pouring in for more detailed information about the council meeting, and you haven’t even turned on your computer yet. If only you could check-off the most important post-meeting task, “Finish Minutes,” within an hour of arriving into work the next day. You can! 

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Osoyoos, BC Off to a Great Start Increasing Transparency and Efficiency

Osoyoos, British Columbia is located about 5.5 hours east of Vancouver, near the northern border of Washington. It’s among the first municipalities in British Columbia leveraging Granicus solutions to be more transparent!

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