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Take Minutes More Efficiently: Automation for Public Meetings

During public meetings, elected officials regularly debate policy and programs that impact their community. This requires them to cover agenda items, speakers, motions, and votes by using standardized rules and procedures. Oftentimes, these meetings occur at a very fast pace, which makes the job of creating meeting minutes a very difficult challenge. This is where Granicus can help.

I've summarized a few of the core features available within our Meeting Efficiency Suite that can alleviate the burden of manually typing or handwriting the names, votes, and actions as they occur.

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Webinar Recap: Top 5 Tips for Agenda & Legislative Management

Yesterday, Granicus hosted a successful webinar for nearly 200 local government clerks to help them modernize the way they manage and track the legislative process. We showcased best practices that have helped local governments save millions of dollars in staff time and paper reduction.

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Create Meeting Minutes Faster Using Granicus Add-in for Microsoft Word

The work does not end when your public meeting adjourns. The next day, the Clerk or Secretary, spends time answering requests that arose during the meeting, gathering signatures and filing paperwork, and then beginning the meeting minutes so there is an accurate public record.

This blog post will give you some quick tips for using Granicus' Microsoft Word Add-in tool to help you complete and publish video-linked minutes efficiently while saving time! Granicus' minutes are quickly becoming the industry standard for governments across the country because they are transparent, accurate, and save staff time.

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Dear Santa…I Need Help Updating My Roll Call

Dear Santa,

I have been pretty good this year, but I don’t think I need another reindeer sweater; the one I have is super nice and warm. (See attached picture, I think you will agree)

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Top 5 Ways to Make Creating Meeting Minutes More Efficient with Granicus

Your email inbox is overflowing, your phone is ringing constantly, and your assistant is on vacation. Requests are pouring in for more detailed information about the council meeting, and you haven’t even turned on your computer yet. If only you could check-off the most important post-meeting task, “Finish Minutes,” within an hour of arriving into work the next day. You can! 

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Montgomery County Council Video On-Demand

Montgomery County in Maryland finished their Meeting Efficiency Suite training and have already started broadcasting their public meetings live and on-demand for citizens to watch!

The clerk’s office has really excelled with the solution – Donna, Linda, Crystal, MaryAnn, Jill, and their IT staff - Michelle. Since MoCo has weekly council meetings, the clerk staff got ample time to practice using Granicus.

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Port Authority Completes Meeting Efficiency Training

I trained the recording secretary, Tara, from Canaveral Port Authority, FL on how to use their new Meeting Efficiency Suite solution. Everything went smoothly. Tara was a quick learner, and she even commented after their meeting that "this was a lot easier than my old way!” With Granicus, the Port Authority will be more efficient in their public meetings. Also, they will be able to increase transparency. Business, cargo, or cruise establishments can access on-demand archives of their meetings to keep track of the Port’s business decisions and operations.

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