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Texas Local Governments Prepare for Online Video Requirement

The state of Texas is anticipating the passage of House Bill 889, which requires that certain governmental bodies make audio and video recordings of open meetings available on the Internet. With over 1,300 government bodies that meet the criteria, this move will single-handedly make Texas the most public-access friendly state in the nation.

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Government Must Go Mobile or Get Out

In this Digital Age, we’re currently blazing into the Mobile Period, and piercing the plane of the Internet of Things. It’s all happening so fast, and government agencies continue the struggle to keep pace with the public’s hyperbolic adoption rate of new technologies. When that struggle is lost, a complete replacement – a revolution, so to speak – follows shortly thereafter. Either way, mobile is here.

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The Future of Government is Mobile

The future of government is mobile. That is to say, government agencies must become more agile in process, more flexible in access, and plan all new solutions with mobile technology as the centerpiece. Today, we can see that the trend toward mobile technology use in the public has blasted off and gone orbital, and once again, government agencies are trying to catch up.

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Sarasota: Expanding the Expectations of Open Government

The City of Sarasota, FL. implemented Granicus solutions six years ago for the purpose of putting all of the City Commission meetings, from Regular to Special and Workshops, online and accessible to the public via the Internet. Sunshine laws in Florida are some of the most open in the country, and so, in keeping with the laws’ philosophy, the Office of the City Auditor and Clerk has always worked to provide all it can to the citizens.

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Granicus Selected in 100 Companies that Matter Most for Online Video

Granicus was handpicked as one of the most important companies in online video in the inaugural launch of Streaming Media 100 – The Companies that Matter Most in Online Video, presented by the leading online video industry magazine Streaming Media. Other major industry companies such as Microsoft, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon were also named in the list. This reiterates Granicus' #1 position in the government market for online video.

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Government Video Content Strategies That Work

Jacob Abramson, Senior Video Production Coordinator for Surprise 11 in Surprise, Arizona, is a two-time Emmy Nominated Video Producer. He has over 14 years experience in the Network Broadcast and Municipal Video industries. Jacob joined the City of Surprise in 2008 after working for the City of Irvine, California. He oversees the day-to-day operation of Surprise 11, coordinating over 250 productions per year.

Everyone knows Granicus as the system to use for public meeting content. But what about non-meeting content? What about content not designed for the TV channel and solely for the web? What about content that isn’t geared toward the residents?

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Increase Traffic to Government Videos: Granicus Embed and Share Features 

Providing a positive user experience for your government videos—public meetings, events, original programming—is crucial. I wanted to showcase a couple features on the Granicus Digital Media Player that can help you enhance the way your content reaches online audiences: Embed and Share. Not only are they easy-to-use and valuable to those watching your video, they are also proven help government agencies increase viewership to their content. In fact, the City of Murfreesburo, TN increased traffic to their videos by 2,000%!

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